Top 5 Best Places To Buy A Cheap Laptop

buy a cheap laptop

Where do you go when you're in need of a new laptop? Hopefully it's not big box stores like Best Buy or Walmart because you'll be paying too much! With online shopping at an all time high you can now buy anything from electronics to food for far lower prices than a store because they have much less over head to pay for. With stores like Amazon and eBay leading the way buying anything in a store is almost a waste of time and money now unless you are willing to pay extra for that instant gratification of having it now. Let me show you some ways to save hundreds of dollars on buying a new laptop so you can keep that hard earned money in your pocket, it's not uncommon to buy a $1,200 laptop for $800 or LESS online!


Still THE best place to go online for desktop parts, laptop parts, complete computer systems and electronics of all sorts now. They've been the leader for years and are constantly growing to sell more and more items. If you need to upgrade your ram, hard drive, or even LCD monitor they should be your first stop to check on prices, they typically even beat larger online retailers like Amazon or eBay. There is a reaons NewEgg is always the first place posted for good deals, they even offer free shipping which is actually very fast.


Tiger Direct is another site almost identical to NewEgg. They are built off the same model and started by selling desktop computer parts and laptop items. They have now branched out to selling complete laptop and desktop systems and like NewEgg again are moving into accessories and everything else you'd need with a computer. They typically have about the same prices on most of their items but they'll have limited sales on items so keeping an eye on both sites "daily deals" is a great way to find a laptop on sale for cheap! If you're looking for a new Windows 8 or Windows 7 laptops these first two options are the best bet but you'll never see any Apple products here if that's what you're looking to buy. Don't worry I'll say where to find a cheap Macbook still!


Bensbargains is a daily deal site where you'll be able to find laptops, desktops, and tablets as well as everything else people find online that looks like a good deal. They will post clothing, furniture, landscaping materials and everything in between. It might take a little more work to find a deal here but laptops are posted from HP's website, Dell and Dell Business deals, Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro sales from Amazon and Best Buy to name a few. It might take a little more "work" to watch this site and sift through all the deals for just laptops but a simple Ctrl+F search to find the term "laptop" will make it a breeze. If you're trying to find the ever elusive Apple Macbook sale this would be the spot to watch, they'll have them far cheaper than the Apple store ever does.


I put Craiglist on here even though 99% of the laptops won't be new, you can occasionally find a new in box laptop (let's not ask where or how they got it though) but it is still one of the best places to find a great deal on a laptop if you don't mind the used part. Most of them will be older models and that's perfect if you're just looking for a cheap on the go computer or something for work and school. If you're really picky you can wait and find a newer gaming or up to date laptop if you need certain things like an Intel i7 Processor, Gaming graphics card, or a Blu-Ray drive. The only problem with buying a used laptop from someone over the internet is you're going to have almost zero chance of getting a hold of them if there ends up being a problem... and I'd expect there to be a problem. Make sure the laptop doesn't have a password, major signs of damage etc. Read how to buy a used laptop to make sure it's a good deal.

Local Computer Store

The best option for buying a new or used laptop would be to check your local computer stores. Some might be over priced but there is always a good deal out there and some laptop stores sell brand new computers so you'll be able to get a warranty and that piece of mind that comes with a new product. If you're looking for a Windows 7 computer or even Vista and XP this might be your only option to get one as well, stores are now only selling them with Windows 8 so trying to find a "new" laptop with an older operating system can be difficult. If you're looking for an Apple Macbook Pro (MBP) or Apple Macbook Air (MBA) this could be a great way to find them too. Most will even have an Apple specific store where they will only sell and deal with Apple products like their tablets and phones too. Getting a good deal on an Apple laptop is still possible you just have to know where to look!

If none of these 5 options help you buy a cheap laptop you can always try the less common ones like through a friend or eBay (buyer beware). This list of the 5 best options to buy a new laptop isn't the definite list, but through talking with people who buy and sell laptops we have found these to have the most consistent deals for people who are willing to spend a little time looking. Don't pay too much for your next electronic purchase shop around and see why it's easy to save hundreds of dollars!

Author Bio: Arnold Jefferson is living in Florida and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash – Where to Sell and Recycle Laptops Online. He has been in this field for the last 7 years and is responsible for technology related reviews and auiditing companies.