The Top 5 Things to Know When Selling Your Laptop Online

When you try to do anything online now you are met with endless options about buy here or sell here and they all offer the best price with free shipping. If you've noticed lately there are tons of places who offer to help you sell laptop or your smart phones. The choices can almost be overwhelming and it can be done in person, online or even over the phone. They have made the process to sell electronics very fast and safe because everyone owns them now and we always want to upgrade them. What happens when the new Macbook Air comes out and you want to sell or trade-in your Macbook Pro for one? Finding the right place to help you recycle a laptop is actually very easy if you choose to go with a trusted online company, they will even pay more than local stores too! We got Mike from Quick Laptop Cash to give us his top 5 things to remember when you are trying to trade-in your laptop.

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Get the Correct Model Number for an Accurate Quote

I can't even count how many times I have had someone say they're selling us a brand new Macbook Pro expecting to get $900 and the laptop we receive is a 2007 model with a few problems. Getting an accurate quote starts with making sure you have the correct make and model, guessing will only cause problems later on. Quick Laptop Cash has customer support waiting to help avoid this problem just give us a call or send an email.

Check for all Problems with the Laptop or Smart Phone

The next biggest problem is someone who gets the model number of their laptop for sale correct but forgets to mention it won't even turn on, or the battery won't a charge. These are all easy to diagnose problems and we understand the laptop might have been in a closet or unused for a few years but we do test every part of the laptop to ensure we are paying the correct price for your computer. Also things like damaged plastics from stickers, being dropped or just scratched and dinged is very common with old laptops. We understand they're used laptops and give some give in our expectation of a “clean” laptop, but obvious signs of damage will need to be marked. Once again with any questions please contact us or you can post to our Facebook or Twitter and we will be happy to judge the damage before it is shipped to us!

Package it Carefully Shipping Can be Rough on Electronics

Packaging your laptop for shipping is by far the biggest problem we have with peoples quotes ending up incorrect or different. When shipping a laptop whether from the other side of the country or just a state away the conditions it goes through aren't always the best. They pack the largest amount of boxes they can into a truck and they aren't always handled very well, we offer a FREE shipping kit that provides the required amount of protection so you don't have to worry and we highly recommend this is you're unsure of how well an item should be packed. We would love to pay the quoted price and get you the most cash for your laptop possible but when we receive a broken laptop as a result of poor packaging the most we can do is file a claim with UPS and wait. So trying to get paid quickly can go wrong if you don't package your laptop well!

Give the Correct Shipping Address for Payment to be Sent

The correct address for payment to be sent is also just as important for where to send our free shipping kit. We send out a free box for you to ship back your laptop and when the address is incorrect or incomplete (missing apartment number, etc.) we just end up wasting money is shipping and delaying how long it take for us to get your laptop and get you paid! When we try to mail a check or send a PayPal payment if we have the wrong address it won't get delivered and take a week or two for us to get a notification it wasn't delivered. In that time you'll just get frustrated you haven't been paid and there's nothing we can do to speed up the check being sent back. Typing in and confirming the correct address is very important in getting the fast and safe service we are so well known for.

Include Everything like the Charger, Battery and all Accessories

Another very common problem is receiving the laptop and as we go to test it there is no charger in the box! We of course have an extra charger to test your laptop but as you'll notice on our get a quote page the laptop charger is an important part that we will need as well or the price will change if it has been selected as included! We hate having to mark anyone down and know the charger is often an after thought we hope people won't forget! Don't forget anything else like the battery or external DVD drive if the laptop came with one. Newer laptops are not using an external DVD drive to save on size and weight so they'll use an external DVD or Blu-Ray drive. All of these items are important to not forget when selling your laptop online.

Sell my laptop fast

If you have any other questions when going through the process whether it's the quote or just packaging up your computer to ship off don't hesitate to call and ask them for help, says Mike. Most companies are more than willing to help and if they're not answering your call or emails it's probably not a company you want to sell your laptop with online anyways.