Sell School and Company Laptops in Bulk, Apple or Windows PC

If you're looking to sell a few laptops or hundreds or thousands of laptops Quick Laptop Cash also offers a bulk buying or recycling program. We not only offer to recycle or buy a school district or companies laptops we also offer the best and most secure date erasing procedures. Quick Laptop Cash uses the same software that our Department of Defense, CIA, FBI, and military branches use. We are able to erase any and all information to the most secure standards or if you really want to ensure it's complete destruction we offer to destroy all sensitive information. Quick Laptop Cash has helped many big name companies recycle old hardware and even upgrade to new equipment we have the staff and resources to handle any job and we will securely and completely erase your hard drives contents to many different levels depending on what you see as needed. We are not only happy to offer that but we are helping companies go green every day. Simply throwing away or destroying your laptops and other computer hardware is putting tons of harmful items in our land fills that could otherwise be reused or recycled to keep them out of our land fills and help the ever growing green movement. If your company or school district is looking to sell any number of laptops whether they are Apple, Compaq, HP, IBM/ Lenovo, etc. we will buy or recycle all brands of laptops no matter their condition. We can also offer the most secure and safe data destruction which you can specify to your liking. If you're interested in selling a bulk amount of items please call or email us directly at (877)-211-7429 or send us an email at [email protected] we look forward to helping you with your technology needs.