Looking to sell your laptop online? Well, what's it truly worth?

what is my laptop worth

Although you can always get an instant quote from us online, we completely understand if you want to do a little pricing research on your own. We want you to feel good about the amount of cash you get for selling your old laptop. These simple steps will help you get started on finding out what your old laptop is worth!

Specs, Specs, Specs

Since many laptop models feature a variety of different configurations and customizations, the value of any make and model can vary greatly. The value of your old laptop depends on specs from internal component differences to display size options and more.

Start by listing the main components of your old laptop. You want to know as much as possible regarding screen size, whether or not the screen supports touch use, when the laptop was produced, the CPU, the memory, the hard drive and the graphics. On Windows laptops, most of this information can be found through the control panel. In Windows 8, you can go to 'Control Panel' > 'System and Security' > 'System'. Then find the 'Device Manager' link in the left panel to find information regarding your laptop's graphics and other systems.

To find information on your hard drive, go to you main 'My Computer' folder (This title will match the name you gave your PC when you first started it). This screen should display the amount of total space you have available on your hard drive. Just remember that, since the OS takes up some space on its own, you need to round up to get your true capacity.

On Mac laptops, look in the upper-left corner for your Apple icon and then choose 'About This Mac' for component information and production dates.

The Condition of Your Old Laptop

After noting your old laptop's basic specs, you need to do an honest assessment of the laptop's condition. Does your laptop power on? Does its screen have scratches, dull spots or malfunctioning pixels? Are there any scratches, dents or cracks on the rest of the laptop? Are all of the laptop's keys present and working properly? How long does the laptop's battery run on one complete charge?

From 'like new' to 'adequate' or 'poor,' the answers to these questions will help you determine the condition of your old laptop. It is also important to gather all of your old laptop's accessories, manuals, power cords, and even original packaging (if you still have it). If all of these parts are available and still in good condition, they can help to increase the overall value of the laptop you are looking to sell.

Once you know the specs and condition of your old laptop, you can use third-party sites to get an idea of its value. You can look for some comparable models being sold on sites like eBay or Craigslist. Just remember that those prices are typically inflated to make a profit and often get negotiated down to the fair price. Instant Quote option at QuickLaptopCash can save you some time by providing a fair number based on normal wear and tear, but you can always do some research on your own!