How to Post the Best Ad for Your Laptop

Electronic gadgets become obsolete even before we have unboxed the latest buy. The hottest, smartest and coolest gadget always proves to be elusive. The easiest way out is of course to get rid of the �smart gadget� and get a �smarter� one. You can either donate it or recycle it and do your bit for the environment. If you opt to sell it or trade it in, you earn handy credit to help with the next upgrade. All electronic gadgets need not be upgraded with each new launch; a digital SLR camera works fine even if it�s not the latest loaded offering from the brand. Laptops, however, are a different story. Upgrading to a new model can save you plenty of worries. Potential repairs and replacement of faulty parts are expensive and extended warranties do not come cheap. Upgraded models offer more benefits and there is a marked improvement in performance. You should ideally sell off your laptop before the existing warranty expires. This ensures you get a price quite close to what you originally spent to purchase the laptop. Selling your old laptop online requires you to put in that little bit of extra effort. You need to do your homework well, choose the right mode to sell and be patient with the entire process. You have to choose the suitable seller and get your sales pitch right. Let�s see how you can go about this.

Choose Your Seller

There are many sites selling used electronic gadgets. eBay, Craigslist and Amazon sell just about anything and have an enormous audience. Advertising on eBay is relatively more expensive than on Amazon. Craigslist helps you list for free, is more personal and quite popular for local selling. But be ready to get low-balled and prepare yourself to drive a hard bargain. Whatever mode you choose, you need to write out an ad and post some flattering pictures of your gadget. Here are a few tips to help you with your �advertising�.

Keep It Short, Simple and Straight

Your product description needs to be short, crisp and precise. 1. Headline Is Crucial - It is important you write an information-dense and short headline. It is all about optimizing the limited space you have and fitting in all the critical and attention-drawing info. You must mention the model number and the screen size of your laptop. The specifications must be included because a model number might be hard to recollect or recognize for the customers. Headlines should never be in all caps. If possible, include an adjective that best describes the most wonderful aspect of your laptop. It may very well be the wonderful picture quality or the impeccable, as-good-as-new appearance. 2. The Body Matters - The body or content of your post should be short, to the point, and contain all the relevant info with no unnecessary decorative language. Understand the specifications and other details you need to post on your model. Read through the manufacturer�s website and post all the relevant information in your ad. Users should find your description and details sufficient. You can also add a link back to the original site for more information. Try not to flaunt your fabulous sense of humor or add unnecessary words. A direct and simple description should do the trick. A well-written description is most important if you are posting on Craigslist and eBay. Amazon discourages anything more than a couple of sentences long. 3. Add Links to Reviews - All models may not be memorable. Add links to review sites which provide information on the good and bad aspects of your laptop. This is reassuring to potential buyers. 4. Land in the Right Category - When selling to a niche audience, post your ad in the right category. Don�t post in general sale sections. eBay and Amazon have an infinite number of categories so make sure you are in the right place. If you are willing to trade in your gadget as on Craigslist, specify the options and offers acceptable to you, but be prepared for surprises. 5. Post an Actual, Clear Image of Your Laptop - A visual evidence of what you are trying to sell adds to your credibility. An honest picture helps build trust in the virtual market place. There may be plenty of awesome pictures of your model available on review sites and on the manufacturer�s website, but don�t post them. A shiny picture of a three-year-old laptop would definitely be viewed with skepticism. A good image where the scratches are visible is ideal. If there are uploading tools on the site use them. Never post images that you have already uploaded on the Web previously. There are too many dangers associated with it, from being mistaken for a scammer to the danger of being easily located due to geotags. If there are any additional accessories, features or details you want to highlight, post their pics as well. Be careful about the size of the image you upload. It shouldn�t be too large but should be clear. 6. Price Right - It is extremely important for you to price the product right. You may feel a bit hesitant to quote a high price, but remember quality does not come cheap. So never price your product too low. And if you are selling through sites like Craigslist, most of the potential buyers will definitely try to haggle and knock off a few bucks. You can check on eBay the prices of similar products by scouting through completed auctions or listings. Online buyers of old and broken laptops also give free instant quotes if you type in the relevant details on their websites. Quote high, bargain hard and settle for a price that pleases both the buyer and seller. 7. Accessorize and Charm - Added accessories and peripherals entice your audience. A USB drive, a good set of speakers or a quality laptop case bundled with your gadget can sweeten the deal for many. Buyers love a complete package and this increases your chance of sale. A great deal lands you a sale in a matter of hours if you are advertising to a wide base. 8. Be Responsive � Post your ad at times when it will be convenient for you to respond to customer queries and interests. Most of the prospective buyers blast off emails and respond to all the ads that catch their attention. If you don�t hold people�s interest someone else will. Make sure you don�t miss any chance of a sale and be polite and prompt with your replies. Remember it is usually the eager beaver who lands the sale. But don�t come across as desperate and impatient either. You will drive away genuine buyers and attract all sort of unpleasant experiences, maybe even con artists. Also don�t just respond only to phone calls. E-mails and text messages require attention as well. 9. Put in the Right Contact Info in Your Ad - It is important to make it easy for the prospective buyers to reach you. If you are not comfortable with having to respond to phone calls from strangers, give out your e-mail ID to establish an informal line of communication prior to calls and meetings. This holds true especially if you are selling on Craigslist. To prevent your number from being misused by scammers go for Google Voice number that you can remove once the sale is done. 10. Repost Your Ad - If you don�t land a sale in a couple of days consider reposting the ad or listing. Make sure you post a new one and delete the old version. This helps keep your ad fresh and pop up again in search results. Also, once the deal is done and your laptop is sold, delist or remove your ad.


The online market place is getting increasingly crowded. New technology makes once-cool gadgets redundant in a matter of weeks or days. In this scenario it becomes all the more important for you to get your marketing right in order to land a buyer for your old e-gadgets. Create a killer ad to get the best deal and realize the dream of your next upgrade!