Everyone Offers a Trade-in or to Purchase Your Laptop now, Which is Best?

It seems every company is offering to buy or give trade in credit for used electronics now but with all of these options which is best? Everyone from Amazon to Best Buy will �pay you� for these electronic devices but not all are created equal. If you're looking to trade in your laptop or just sell it let's see who offers this service in store or online.

Ways to NOT Sell Your Laptop Computers

If you go online one of the first options you might find is Best Buys' program to buy or give trade in credit for your old laptop. If you try to use their system chances are it will be �temporarily unavailable� because while trying to test it I only got it to work 2 times out of 10. Once it finally worked though I got a quote to sell my Macbook Pro and the price they offered to pay was almost laughable, I was able to sell it for over double their offer. This just confirmed for me that Best Buy is a large business with many bills to pay and they're not in the business of giving out good deals or helping their customers save money. The price I was quoted was less than half of what some other choices will pay for a used laptop. The next two biggest options are to sell your laptop online back to HP or Dell who offer to buy used laptops of all makes and models not just their own brand. They make the process very hard and their websites are incredibly hard to use. From having to know your exact model number all the way down to the exact hardware it uses such as Processor type and speed, ram speed and quantity, and the list doesn't stop there. If you're looking to spend 30 minutes to get a quote online for how much money your laptop is worth this will be the slowest option. Once you get the quote a new HP DV6 that cost around $500-600 a few years ago they're going to offer you $3.62... Yes, that is just .006% of its original value they are offering to pay you. You must cover the shipping and handling charges for the laptop(s) as well as pay $15 for a hard drive erasing service when there are companies who offer to erase hard drive data for free! I would highly recommend to not use this service offered to sell your laptop to Dell or the HP Trade-In Program even donating your laptops would be a better option. Another common choice is the Amazon laptop trade in program. It doesn't matter what brand or model laptop you have anything from the newest HP Pavilion DV7t top of the line 17� laptop to an older Dell Inspiron laptop they will offer about the same prices as the HP or Dell buy back program and it is a fraction of what your laptop is worth, whatever you do DO NOT take these low offers. They at least won't charge you a shipping and handling fee but there is no service to erase your hard drives data and that leaves you open to serious identity theft issues. I'd recommend getting your hard drive erased professionally at the very least to protect your personal and business data. Now that you have seen how to NOT sell your new or used laptops let's see who offers a good trade in program or way to sell them. There are many other ways to do it but these are a couple that will pay you far more money for a new or used laptop and even offer free services like shipping and data destruction that will keep even more cash in your pockets as well as save time once the process is over.

The Best Ways to Sell Your Laptop

Now it's not new and has been around forever but when compared to those options above eBay is still a FAR better way to sell your laptop online. You can get close to what your laptop is actually worth and it's a pretty simple straight forward process. See what your make and model is selling for, take some photos, list it, wait for a potential buyer and hope there are no issues with shipping or claims being filed. Sadly with eBays new policies there is almost always a claim because they do not take care of their sellers nearly as well as they use to. On top of that you will pay around 10-12% of the final sale price in fees to eBay and PayPal so don't forget that. This brings me to my favorite option to recommend because they pay the most, offer free shipping, free data removal and the entire process takes less than a few minutes. The way I have been telling people to sell their laptops is to go online! It is the fastest way to get rid of those old electronics because it also applies to iPhones, iPads, and all other makes and models as well. The company I have found is Quick Laptop Cash , they offer the highest trade in and sales prices and have had the best reviews for eight years in a row now. Don't take my word for it, go check out all of these buy back and trade-in programs for yourself and see who offers you the easiest and most profitable way to sell a laptop.