4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Gadgets from Summer Heat

Temperatures are skyrocketing across many parts of the U.S. this summer. You've probably taken precautions to keep your family, pets and home safe" but what about your electronics? If you want to maintain the value of your gadgets, then you need to consider them, too, as you venture out in the heat this summer. Don't fret - it's easy to take care of your electronics. Here are 4 easy ways to protect your gadgets from the summer heat:

Separate electronics from one another. Stacking gadgets in a bag will intensify the heat they conduct"which is dangerous for them. By separating them, air can easily flow around the gadgets and help keep them cool. Don't store gadgets in your pockets. If possible, carry electronics in a purse or backpack, instead of in your pocket, where they"ll be susceptible to your body heat.

Keep gadgets out of hot cars and direct sunlight. Don't leave your phone, tablet or laptop in your car when it"s hot outside. However, when you take them out into the summer heat (like to the park or the pool), keep them in the shade preferably under a light towel or blanket.

Avoid drastic temperature changes. Subjecting your gadgets to extreme temperature changes is hard on them. Instead, let them transition slowly. If you know you"ll be going back and forth between hot and cold environments, leave your electronics at home.

Looking for a reason to unplug this summer? These high temperatures might be just the ticket you need!