13 Must-Have Accessories for Your Laptop

A laptop is a great investment and our companion for a long time, but fresh out of the box it does not come with everything that we need over the course of its use. Laptops only come with the basics. However, to get the maximum out of your laptop and to keep it safe and secure you are going to need to invest in some accessories. With a plethora of options available in this regard, choosing the right accessories can get confusing. Here is a list of a few of them which we consider must-haves for any laptop:

1. Laptop Bag

One of the most essential accessories for your notebook is a laptop bag, which will hold and protect it when you are on the go. The safety of your laptop should be of paramount importance. Various types of laptop bags are available -- comfortable to carry, lightweight, ergonomic or check�point friendly (so that you can speed through the security at airports). Many companies make laptop bags designed with a number of compartments, including a special padded section to store a laptop safely. Choose the right laptop bag based on your needs. If you travel with often, a light yet durable carrying case should be preferred. Similarly, if you wish to carry associated laptop accessories or other items like files, books and documents, along with your laptop, a spacious bag should be your pick.

2. Wireless Mouse

Today�s light-weight laptops allow for ergonomic browsing, though many users prefer a handheld mouse for navigation. When you need to make precise movements with your cursor, such as drawing a diagram in Paint, the optical mouse is the preferred choice over the touchpad. Wireless mice, designed for use with laptops, are much smaller than the desktop mice and fit easily into the pocket of a laptop bag, making them easy to be taken along everywhere.

3. USB Flash Drive

One is often required to transfer data between laptops. Bluetooth is fine for files of a small size, but for large amounts of it to be transferred USB flash drives remain the best choice. They make transferring your files fast and easy. USB flash drives are small portable devices that plug into your laptop�s USB port. They are more reliable and durable than other storage mediums such as floppy disks or CDs. USB flash drives are available in different storage capacities ranging from megabytes to gigabytes. Choose one as per your need, and make it a point to carry it in your laptop bag.

4. Portable Laptop Desks

Portable laptop desks are an invaluable laptop accessory for mobile professionals. Not only do they prevent laptop burn but also enable you to work more comfortably. A portable laptop desk keeps the laptop's heat off your lap, helping you avoid the dreaded toasted leg syndrome. It enables you to work on the laptop sitting on the floor, the sofa, or even in bed, providing a stable platform always.

5. External Hard Drive

A portable external hard drive is an extremely useful accessory that can be used for additional file storage space for a laptop that lacks extensive internal storage, or for backing up and archiving files so that they are secure in case of a laptop failure. It�s an inexpensive way to safely store valuable data in the event of a virus. Additionally, external hard drives can store large digital music and movie collections, organize old files, or store digital projects in one place. Many external hard drives offer security features such as password protection and data encryption to keep prying eyes away from your files. Advanced hard drives come with an automatic backup feature that syncs your data and backs it up to the cloud so that you always have an online copy of the files you choose to backup.

6. Laptop Cooling Pad

Heating problem is a common issue that laptop users face because the in-built cooling systems of most laptops cannot stand the heat generated from long hours of use. Overheating can damage your laptop�s performance and may lead to a system failure. A laptop cooling pad helps reduce the laptop�s operating temperature. Protecting your laptop from overheating will prolong its lifespan.

7. External Speakers

If you are not satisfied with your laptop�s built-in audio system, you might want to consider buying external laptop speakers to enhance your music listening experience. A set of external speakers offers higher sound quality and a much more powerful output than built-in laptop speakers. External laptop speakers are also helpful when doing presentations or participating in a Web conference.

8. TV Tuners

An external USB TV is a kind of television tuner that allows television signals to be received by a laptop. Adding an external USB TV tuner enables you to watch TV on your laptop from office, home, car or even the garden! These USB units also allow you to resize the window so that you can watch TV and work at the same time.

9. USB Light

The USB-powered LED lamp is a very useful gadget for typing in the dark without disturbing others. The flexible neck USB-powered clip light is very convenient and useful for laptops. The flexible neck of the USB enables us to position light at different angles. It's powered by the USB port, so you don't need any external power supply.

10. Headset Microphones

Headsets with microphones are hugely popular and useful. These headsets are used on laptops to take advantage of free long-distance conversations. Headset microphones allow you to control your output. High-end headsets provide impressive sound quality and are ideal for the audiophile who wants to play their favorite tunes without disturbing others.

11. Cleaning Kits

Laptops get used everywhere, from offices to restaurants, and no matter how hard you try to keep them clean, they still get dirty. Dust inevitably gets absorbed into the fan and crumbs fall into the keyboard. Infrequent cleaning can lead to overheating and permanent damage to your laptop. To keep your laptop running smoothly, you need to clean it often. The cleaning kit is thus an inevitable accessory for your laptop. It should include disposable cleaning cloths, a dust brush and a cleaning liquid. These are inexpensive and effective and a reliable way to keep your notebook clean.

12. Security Device

Traveling with a laptop can present significant risk of it getting stolen. Unfortunately, even if you guard your laptop, there�s no sure way to prevent someone from snatching it. Thankfully, security devices such as the cable lock and lockdown brackets are available in the market to secure your laptop. A portable laptop lock secures your laptop to desks or tables with a galvanized steel cable and combination lock.

13. Screen Protector

The laptop screen protector is a thin layer of plastic that cleans and protects the screen of your laptop. Its anti-glare matte coating reduces glare caused by sunlight and fluorescent lighting. This allows you to use your laptop indoors under bright office lights or outside a coffee shop with the sun shining directly on the screen. Additionally, glare reduction can help reduce the effects of eye strain caused by spending long hours in front of a laptop screen. With these must-have accessories, using your laptop will be quite easier, comfortable and simpler!