How to Sell Your Laptop Easily and for the Right Price

Most electronic goods, including laptops, leap generations within a year or two. What is the latest technology today gets outdated in a matter of few new product launches. The newer ones are faster, lighter, and smarter. So it becomes essential you replace your old ones with the new models. This becomes necessary to declutter your home, make place for new gadgets for yourself, or simply pocket some helpful change. So what is best option to sell your laptop? Do you want to put it up on eBay or craigslist and wait for a buyer or would you like to be paid instantly as soon as you make up your mind to sell? Many people hate to go through the hassle of online selling and instead let their old laptops gather dust in a corner of their room. But it�s not a very good idea environmentally or economically. Discarded electronic waste is a major toxic pollutant which is quite harmful to the environment. Also when you make your laptop available at a markdown price you help someone with lesser money afford a laptop they want.

Selling Your Laptop Online

If you are trying to sell your used laptop, there are a multitude of challenges you face. Though you are selling to the widest possible market it is not easy to find your target buyer. Sometimes you could be badgered with scam interests and enquiries. It is important you are alert to the demands of online selling. Let�s look at some of the hurdles that you need to prepare yourself for. 1) Lack of trust on part of the buyer. Though eBay, craigslist and Amazon are the most popular online selling platforms, laptops are not easy to sell, especially if they are broken or not in working condition. There is a distinct lack of trust in third-party sellers. Also, unlike in direct selling, here the buyer does not get to see the device or use it to determine if it is to his satisfaction. 2) Buyer uncertainty about how long the product has been used. Most buyers are skeptical about the quality and condition of old laptops on sale. The model or the date of purchase does not guarantee a problem-free product; a lot depends on how well it has been used and maintained. The going rates for used electronic items may drop significantly if you don�t include things like the original packaging, cords, cables, cases and instruction manuals. 3) Lack of warranty/guarantee. Used laptops do not come with any warranties. So in case of them developing a defect or a snag, buyers are not going to be covered for the costs of repair or be given a replacement. This weighs against you eventually. 4) Expensive. You have to pay to get your product listed on some sites and pay again once the sale takes place. If it�s an old or broken laptop you are trying to sell, it may make no sense to incur this expense. You may also have to throw in a 30-day money back warranty and a refund policy to sweeten the deal for the buyer. Keep in mind to charge only the minimum possible shipping charges because the competition on most online selling platforms is cut-throat and you don�t want to miss a prospective buyer. 5) Deal with the buyer. You may also have to deal with the buyer or answer his queries politely. Since it�s a sale transaction you need to ensure your customer is satisfied and happy with the experience. 6) Fear of fraud. Many buyers are scared of scams and frauds that routinely take place online. As a seller you are also not entirely free from the possibility of becoming a victim of fraud with customers sometimes refusing to pay up. As we can see, a delay in sale and getting paid can really put your plans of getting a new laptop on hold. So would you not like a quick, easy and reliable solution that would also help you earn top dollar for your laptop?

Instant Sale and Payment

Recognizing the fact that people change laptops in a matter of months to keep up with the rapidly changing technology, there are sites that give you a quote for your laptop as soon as you put your product up for sale. Not only do you get the highest possible price for your laptop, you are also free of all the hassles that normally accompany a sale transaction. Let�s see how easy and safe this process is for you. 1) Get a quote for your laptop. Post the specifications of your laptop, including the name of the manufacturer, the model and how good a condition it is in. Don�t forget to mention the broken or missing parts, if any. You get an instant quote and can verify it with the market value your laptop commands in a routine sale. More often than not it�s the highest possible price you are being offered. If you find the quote acceptable you can provide the shipping address to continue with the sale. 2) Ship your laptop. If you have your own box and packaging available, you will be sent a packing slip and pre-paid shipping label and you can ship out your laptop from your nearest shipping center. If required you will be provided with the necessary shipping boxes as well. You can see that this is a zero expense incurred process. 3) Get paid! Once your laptop reaches your dealer�s office, it�s checked and certified by technicians on its make, model and condition. All your data and personal information are erased from the hard drive to ensure your safety and security. Payment is usually made within 24 hours of receiving your laptop via PayPal or a company check. If you already have a PayPal account set up, this step will be relatively easy -- you just receive your payment, less 2.2-2.9% (and $0.30 per transaction) for PayPal's fees. Getting your money back in your bank account can be done through a wire transfer, a request for a PayPal branded MasterCard, or even with a regular check. There are a few hoops to jump through but the process usually takes less than 30 minutes to get going.

As you can see there are many benefits to opting for this method to sell your old laptop.

1) You save on time. You post the details of your gadget and get the quote in seconds. Once your shipment reaches the buyer�s office and is inspected, the payment is received in 24 hours. 2) There are no expenses. There is no money being spent from your pocket on advertising or shipping. 3) You are not directly responsible to your buyer. Therefore, no need of warranties or refunds. Since you are the customer here, you rule! 4) No fear of fraud. You can rest assured because there are many reliable and trustworthy online selling platforms which have been around for years and boast of good reviews. 5) Profitable. You get the best price for your old laptop in a matter of days without any expense incurred from your side.


So you can see that selling laptops online need not mean a long wait, hidden expenses, and a poor bargain. With proper understanding of the online market place you can definitely find a solution that suits you. If you don�t get the deal you are looking for you can still opt for recycling programs that ensure your product does not end up in a landfill.