How to Sell Old and New Business Laptops in Bulk

We have had a few laptop recyclers contact us lately trying to sell laptops in bulk. Quick Laptop Cash can certainly help you sell laptops one at a time or thousands. We have helped many large customers and are well prepared for orders of all size. We understand through experience what it takes to sell laptops in bulk and make the entire process stream lined and easy for you. Trying to get quotes, take bids from companies, offers from others, and deal with arranging shipping can be a nightmare and most companies don't have the time to deal with it. It should be easy to get rid of those laptops and get some cash back in your account for them. This is where Quick Laptop Cash comes in...

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Sell Old HP Elitebook Business Laptops

If you're a company or business trying to sell a large or small quantity of laptops you don't have to bother going through our quick instant quote process and luckily most of you don't waste your time with it. The best way to sell quantities of laptops online is by contacting us directly either by phone or email so we can arrange the quickest and easiest way to get you paid and those old laptops out of your hair. Some companies use the money from selling their old and broken laptops to upgrade and buy new ones for the office. From the time you buy new laptops to selling the old ones this might leave your bank account in need of some cash or capital as fast as possible. It is why we handle the entire process with great diligence and speed so we can get you paid as fast as possible! If it's easier to contact us through social media we also have Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus that we can respond to you with as well. We try to make selling one or one hundred laptops online a simple three step process.

Three Easy Steps to Selling Laptops in Bulk Quantities Online

- Call or Email us for a personalised quote to fit your businesses exact needs

- Let us arrange and handle the shipping so you don't have to waste time and money

- Receive your check or instant Paypal payment and enjoy having cash again!

If you've never sold a laptop online or business laptops the idea of your personal security can be very alarming and it only gets worse with a business computer where you might have tons of privileged client information you cannot afford to lose. Here at QLC we are ready to handle all of the data destruction and erasing on site as well, the first thing we do when your laptops arrive is pull their hard drives and ram (laptops memory) so that we can send them through our erasing machine which goes through seven secured passes to ensure that information is erased and destroyed forever. We take your businesses security very seriously and are happy to ensure permanent data destruction on bulk company laptops that are sent to us. We have been picked by numerous companies to just handle their data destruction because we use the same standards as our United States Government.

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So if you'd like to sell broken, old and used business laptop computers without the hassle and all handled safely online Quick Laptop Cash is the place to go. We offer free shipping even on bulk orders no matter how large the company order is, and with every order safe and secure data destruction is included for no extra cost. Don't let people charge you to recycle and destroy hard drives Quick Laptop Cash is the only company who offers to do all the hard work for you and pay you CASH!